About Me

I'm Cherie.

Delicious food has always had a way of making me happy. This blog began when my cousin sister married and went away to the UK. Like her I had moved to Bahrain(Back in Bangalore) and was inequipped to set foot in the kitchen. Then began those long distance calls to my mother. To make things convenient for my dear sister I began this, a channel to reach out and be there by her as she began her new life with aromas that would change her life forever.
I don't claim to be an amazing chef, I intend to become one someday, with this blog as my teacher.

My Mangalorean recipes are my attempt at keeping tradition alive, hoping that one day when my daughter wants to make kori ghassi all she has to do is "check out my blog".


New co autor of my blog , my mom Shakila Hegde, all the Mangalorean recipes  posted on my blog will be created by my mother, just like her mother had. Thank you mother for these recipes have been more than just that.
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