Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Alana - Project Lavonne

Wish you very happy birthday Alana......Miss you a lot.....We miss your 'No".......We miss your "Akkaaaaa"....We miss your "paaaaaaa"......above all we miss "Mimi"

I had made a fondant cake for my niece Alana for her first birthday....and that was a very terrifying experience....I remember mentioning in that post...never to work with fondant ever again....Well....like most of the things I say....I was wrong again, but I have to say that this was an amazing experience compared to last time...and for that I have to thank my teacher Joonie Tan from Lavonne Baking Academy.......she made me fall in love with Novelty cakes.

Joonie Tan teaches novelty cakes and cupcakes at Lavonne....and she is drop dead awesome....her talent is unbelievable...you have to see it to believe it (visit 180 Degree Celsius )..... She is an awesome teacher with loads of patience (she will answer every silly question we throw at her) and a perfectionist and I just cannot wait to attend all her classes ....I know I have a lot more to improve ...but I will be very happy if I am at least half as good as Joonie...


  1. Great job with the fondant. I have made 3-4 fondant cakes till date and still have problems with covering the cake smoothly.

  2. hi...
    that cake looks wonderful...did you make the fondant at home?
    like you, am from blr as well...Please tell me where I can get fondant?
    i want to make one for my kids bday

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  4. Hi Charisma .. Long time no recipes from you. Please do keep posting. Although I am a silent reader, i do enjoy and make the Mangalorean recipes from your blog!!. Missing your posts!.

  5. Long time no post!!. Please keep posting mangalorean recipes.

  6. Ur cake looks awesome,nice combo of colours


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