Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy Ganesh Chathurthi

These modakas are for Ganesha ........and my sister Devina ...who loves both Ganesha and Modakas.

I remember Devina teaching my daughter a song on Ganesha....I have been humming it with my daughter since morning....believe me its pretty catchy....and it goes like this....

Come Oh bulky stomach Ganapathi,
You are son of Shiva Parvati
Riding a Rat-o , Belting a serpent- o,
You have the face of an elephant-o
We offer you modaka payasa,
You are the steno of veda vyasa
Please guide us Oh Vigna Vinasha,
You are the god of examination pass-a


  1. wow modak look super cute and so delicious dear :) lovely presentation !!

  2. Perfect Modaks Cherz! Happy Ganesh Chaturti - pls accept my belated wishes :D By the way, love the translated poem :) As always, there's always something different on your run of the mill stories, every post makes me smile, whether u write 1 sentence or many :) Have a happy time ahead this festive season!

  3. Hello!! I love your blog, I'm following you here!!
    Regards from Spain!!


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