Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Strawberry Tart for my Drama Queens

Strawberry tart for the two drama queens in my life and the third drama queen in the making (my lil one)

Love my drama queens........One is far away (miss you)....the other one is around  but always lost.....the third one is a little too much in my life.......and are strawberry fanatics.

This is a very simple strawberry will find the Pie crust recipe here, the filling is simple vanilla custard (also know as pastry cream) and you will find the Pastry cream recipe here and the strawberries to top the most of you will find those in the supermarket :)...unless you have your own personal strawberry garden.....which would be super cool.


  1. lovely emoticons from them ;) and delicious looking strawberry tarts !!

  2. wow they are so appealing.. awesome click
    do visit my blog wen u r free


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