Thursday, March 31, 2011

neer dosa with mutton sukka

March 30th was THE DAY, India vs Pakistan,I am not much of a cricket fan but definitely a fan of India Pakistan match. We were invited by the Navaratna family to watch the match. We called them navaratna family because they own a restaurant 'Navaratna', the best vegetarian hotel in Riffa( I was paid by Amit Shetty to say that:)
We just could not miss this one,exciting cricket match and Ratna aunty's amazing food. Aunty had made Neer dosa and spicy mutton sukka.This is an authentic Mangalorean dish. The video below shows how to make neer dosa( in tulu neer means water)
This particular dosa was made when Sachin Tendulkar got out( what a pity)

This is  the cast iron tava used to make Neer dosa, you can also use flat non stick pan. This cast iron tava is used only for neer dosa,like exclusively. I was always warned by mom not to use the tava for anything else BUT neer dosa(it was like a rule). Mom also told me to keep the tava oiled all the time even while not using, or my neer dosa might get stuck to it the next time I use it. I was literally scared of it, very high maintenance tava:)

Ingredients for neer dosa:
1 cup rice (dosa rice, here in Bahrain we don't get dosa rice so we use basmati rice,it works just as well)
2tbsp grated coconut(optional)
salt to taste

* Wash and soak rice in water for 3 hours.

* Grind rice with coconut till smooth, the consistency of the batter should be like water hence the name neer dosa(water dosa). You will know that the batter has the right consistency when it does not form a thick layer on the back of the spoon(look at the picture below)

Ratna Aunty's Yummy Neer dosa with spicy mutton sukka. Thank you aunty:)
And not to forget the exciting match along with Ganesh uncles amazing commentary and predictions. 


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  2. Hi
    Do you have the mutton sukha recipe?

  3. hey sure will put it up in few days,the mutton sukka in the picture above was made by my aunt.I usually make chicken sukka , will put the recipes
    thank you for visiting my blog 'anonymous'

    1. would like to get mutton sukha receipe i.e made with neer dosa.

  4. hey cheri great recipes.... will surely try ... i also need ur mom chicken briyani plzzzzzzzzzzzz :)


  5. hey soum thank you, my moms biryani recipe will be up next week:)

  6. What about Mutton Sukha Recipe??? I need it soon

  7. hi anonymous
    we very rarely prepare mutton at home...but i have put up the chicken sukka recipes...its the can follow that here is the link


  8. grt to c another mangalorean blog...!!

  9. pls send me potato gasi(kundapur style)recipe

  10. thanku........nice one


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