Tuesday, March 29, 2011

trifle pudding

I think the first time I had good trifle pudding was at my friend Mubinas house. Thats when I planned to try it out. This recipe has'nt been taken from any particular chef, just combination of few recipes. In this particular recipe I used Chocolate cake for the base, but I usually prefer basic sponge cake and milk cake. You can bake you own cake or use store bought cake. I  used Betty Crocker cake mix .
The mango has been sliced thinly by Ratna aunty(credit goes to her), I don't have good knife skills:)

500grms  basic cake
fresh fruits of your choice, you can also use tinned fruits or tinned pineapple
 4 tbsp sugar syrup or the liquid from the tinned  fruits
1 packet jelly powder (I have used raspberry flavor, its your choice)
custard made out of half liter milk
whipped cream (made from 200ml whipping cream)
fruits of your choice to decorate


* Prepare jelly by following the instruction on the packet and keep it in the fridge.

* In a see through bowl put one layer of cake cut to cubes, soak the cake with sugar syrup. Put jelly for the second layer(I have cut the jelly to cubes)

* Third layer is custard spread it evenly, and the fourth layer is whipped cream, you can just spoon the cream on the custard but i have put the cream into the piping bag and using a star nozzle piped it on the custard. The trifle pudding looks good if you pipe the cream

* The finally layer is decorating the trifle pudding with fresh or tinned fruits.

* Trifle pudding is a very fresh and light dessert.

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