Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Herbed Garlic Knots - Project Lavonne

Last but not least....Herbed Garlic knots.....

In the end...what tired me was the kneading....Chef Vinesh is particular about kneading till perfection...(this was when I backed out from the bread making course :).

All together an awesome course and worth every penny.....you get your own workstation and a course completion certificate and I got to make a lot of good friends who share the same passion.....the only complain few of us had was.....there were no chairs.....we had to stand throughout...to which Chef Vinesh rightfully said...... "A chef never sits"......Amen to that :)


  1. omg fabulous garlic knots looks amazing and a very flavorful one :)

  2. Hello, I cannot see the recipe for Herbed garlic knots...Can only see the picture.
    Are you yet to upload it.

    1. Hi Anonymous....I have actually mentioned before..any post that comes under the title 'project lavonne'...won't have recipes....this is something i learnt at a baking academy..and I was not sure that they will be fine with me sharing their recipes...but you can always follow this http://cheriesstolenrecipes.blogspot.in/2011/08/garlic-pull-apart-rolls.html....its almost the same...just make them into knots or any shape you desire...sorry for the inconvenience..

  3. Charisma, I really respect your integrity! :) I conduct baking classes regularly in Bangalore too and I have noticed, much to my dismay and disappointment, that many people who have come to my class have spelled out the recipes, pictures and all, on their blogs and claimed them to be theirs exclusively! It's great to see that here you have given a glimpse to people about your time at Lavonne while being very fair and not disclosing the recipes! :) Thank you for doing that! :) Would be very happy if you took a look at my page! Good luck in all that you do! https://www.facebook.com/bakingclass


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