Monday, October 14, 2013

Chocolate Truffles with Kahlua - Project Lavonne

I read somewhere.."I would rather do nothing and be happy than do something I know I don't love ".......and I am sooooo loving this.

I love to give me a choice between making a simple meal of dal and rice or bake a cake....I would without a doubt on my mind.....bake a cake....I would go to an extent of baking two cakes just to make my point that I rather bake.....for me the end result of baking is the most satisfying feeling ever..

I have been wanting to do a baking course for a very long time.....not coz I don't know to bake , I just wanted to learn more and that is when I  came across Lavonne Baking Academy.....I was so excited looking at their website that I wanted to do every course that they offered.....I did not waste any husband always says that my attention span does not last for more than 5 I left immediately to Lavonne which is in domlur.....The whole place excited me.....I felt like I was in my comfort zone.

After looking around for few minutes I spoke to the management and when he asked me "which course do you want to attend" ......I was so excited that I told him "every course" he advised me to try out one course and see how is goes and that the next course was Eggless baking......I just stopped to think for a second....coz I seriously like to bake with eggs.....eggs and baking go hand in hand.....then again I could hear my husband's voice echo in my head "attention span of 5 seconds......attention span of 5 seconds"......then I just went for it and registered for the eggless baking course and when I left that place....believe me.....I felt sooooo damn good.......

 I will try to make every dish I learnt at Lavonne and share it with you through my blog........I am calling it 'Project Lavonne' (I have a thing for silly titles like 'Mission Toscano')...I won't be sharing the recipes coz I am really not sure if I can do that......So here it goes....I tried out the easiest first.... Chocolate truffle (I know it does not come under baking....but this was taught along with few other)....Its super simple ganache recipe that has been coated with compound chocolate (you can use tempered chocolate....I totally suck at tempering).....I have coated few truffles with cocoa powder.

More to come :)

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