Friday, June 1, 2012

Nutella filled Chocolate Cupcake with Nutella Frosting - My first Guest Post

Have you ever felt weak at your happens experience something amazing........when you get a glimpse of someone you have been waiting to see for a long time......when you are kissed like you have never been kissed before.......oh ya it also happens when you are shit my knees did go weak when I had a bite of this crazzzy crazzzyyyy yumilicious  Nutella cupcake......I seriously got turned seriously....or should I say in my sister Neetu's words 'My mouth had an organism' - -read it any way you want to.....If you get it- GOOD......if you don't EVEN BETTER.

I think I better give this post an 'A' rating

I am guest posting at Priya Sreerams fabulous blog Bon Appetit for this month, I felt this was the best recipe I could share with Priya and her readers.....coz these Nutella cupcakes are so ME.
Iam really glad  to be doing this guest post...I would like to thank Priya for this is very much appreciated :)

For the recipe please visit Priya's Blog  and do not forget to check out her amazing collection of recipes.

Chocolate cupcakes waiting to be filled.

Drool worthy.... cupcakes filled with sinful Nutella....they look so happy.

Complete the cupcakes with Nutella frosting.....ooooooo.......can't wait to make more of these.....its like they have a life of their own.


  1. Cherz! Nutella is my fav too...been wanting to make cupcakes with nutella for a while now..I should try these, they look awesome!!

  2. Super irresistible cupcake,running to Priya's space.

  3. thanks a ton for the yummy post; love

  4. Loved the presentation & got weakness for nutella & this combination looks deadly:)
    First time visitor to your space & found it very intersting, love to follow you & invite you to my blog


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