Thursday, October 27, 2011

Diwali Special- Manjol Eeretha Ghatti/ Sweet Rice Dumpling Steamed in Turmeric leaves

Diwali and no Manjol Eeretha way....Diwali is incomplete without this for us Mangaloreans.

Aroma of turmeric leaves being steamed is unforgettable.

I had a hard time getting a nice picture of the ghatti...this was best among the worst....though ghatti tastes amazing.....they are not great lookers ...but who cares ....taste matters ....right....

Print this recipe

  • 15 turmeric leaves

For outer covering

  • 2 cups brown rice/rosematta(washed and soaked for 5 hrs)
  • salt to taste
For sweet filling
  • 2 cups coconut
  • 1 1/2 cup jaggery
  • few tablespoons of water (optional)
  • 2 tsp cardamom powder

For outer covering:-
1.Grind the soaked rice and salt using little water to a fine, moist and thick dough.Keep this aside 

Prepare Filling:-
1.Place a pan on medium flame,add jaggery, when it melts add the coconut,few tablespoon of water and cardamom powder and mix well,cook till you get a thick but moist filling.
2. Wash the turmeric leaves and wipe with dry cloth.

3. Apply the rice dough on the turmeric leaves, flatten it with your wet hands.

4. Place the sweet filling on the dough.

5. Fold the leaf.

6.Place it in a hot idli steamer, repeat the same with other leaves.Steam for 45 minutes.
7. Take off the flame, remove the dumpling from turmeric leaves and serve with homemade ghee.


  1. i have not seen this recipe before. it looks interesting

  2. nice recipe dear...never use turmeric leaves..

  3. NOT FAIR!!!! I don't get any haldi paan here. I can almost smell them through your pics. Thnx for the visual treat. :o)

  4. Wow super inviting steamed dumplings, never tried with turmeric leaves..

  5. I have bookmarked this recipe cherie. Mum used to make these during chauti and diwali. Although I haven't found turmeric leaves here, my search is on

  6. We call it patholi. And I have been dreaming of it for years now. I do not want to substitute the turmeric leaves with banana leaves. And till I get my hands on them, I shall drool over pictures like this!

  7. Wow!! I am a diehard bunt who loves all the addes, ghattis and resas! Your website has transported me to my childhood days when mom used to whip up all these delicacies...thanks for these recipes for people like me who love the bunt food...:-)

    1. Hi shalu. ...I know iam shamelessly 3 years late to reply ...but I stopped blogging after 2013. ...iam glad this recipe brought back memories for you ...Thank you for commenting ....die hard bunt too ☺


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