Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Few of my Favorite things - Sapada

There are few things in life which you cannot my case ' don't want to recreate'

One such thing is this Sapada....(prasada given after Satyanarayan Pooja)......I remember since I was a little girl...even though I never understood a single word of the Priest who was telling us the story of Lord back of my mind I always thought  "Okay, as soon as the priest is done I am going to get the Sapada"...I used to immensely enjoy that small bowl or sometimes just a teaspoon of Sapada...I know its a very simple dish ,its just Sheera (Semolina Pudding)...but yet the taste is so unique...I don't think I will ever be able to recreate the taste.....and like I said before....I really don't want to...I respect it too much .That one bowl or just a teaspoon is enough to satisfy me until the next Satyanarayana  Pooja ...which may come after few months or maybe next year....but its worth the wait.

That excitement  I had when I was a kid...I still have it...I still don't understand the whole story of Satyanaryana Pooja....but I do think "Okay, as soon as the Priest is done Iam going to get the Sapada"

So this definitely comes on 'Few of My Favorite things'  list  

Do you ever feel the same excitement that you had as a kid for anything particular???? I would love to know.......

  Every year we have Satyanarayan Pooja at home...this year we combined it with Ayudha pooja.

This day all tools, machines, vehicles, books and other devices are cleaned and worshiped.The story goes as such (with whatever little knowledge I know of our culture)...after Goddess Chamundeshwari slayed the Demon king Mahisasura...all the weapons used to slay the demon was cleaned and kept out to worship.On this day we also  worship goddesses Lakshmi, Parvathi and Saraswati..

Basically we are paying respect to all those things that are a major part of our everyday life....

Our neighbors are like a close knit family and we celebrate Ayudha pooja together. Every year , all neighbors get together on Ayudha pooja, clean the vehicles, decorate them with flowers, apply turmeric and sandalwood and worship the vehicles together .

We don't spare kids cycles too... that is my daughters and her best friends cycle :))

Lemons are placed under each Tyre and crushed...this symbolizes crushing away all evil eye....


  1. Super post Cherie :) and great pics..loved the new look of ur pics :) Happy Dassera to u in advance!

  2. love reading ur post... nice clicks.. felt happy to see kids' cycles..

  3. Love the recipe and wow, great pics.

  4. Wow Sapada, I jus love it..just attended poojas for sapada prasadam, I can still recollect the auroma ..

  5. don't u have recipe for Sapada?


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