Monday, November 14, 2011

Creamy Choco Biscuit Trifle -Blog Hop Wednesday

I have been a reader since my schooldays (not academic books...I used to run away from them).....loved reading novels - always Fiction..... never liked books that gave me advice...I have a mini library at collecting novels....always original...not a single fake copy... like visiting book favorite bookstore in Bangalore is Blossoms...each time I go there I tell my sisters "If I want to loot something,it will be this bookstore" the smell of second hand books,dusty and old,couple of sneezes here and there .I was so proud of my collection...and also possessive , I gave my books only to book lovers who knew the value of  books and I was sure I will get it back. Whenever my cousins borrowed my books ,I used to warn them "I know exactly how many novels I have, I will notice even if a single book is missing"...that is how much I love my books.

When I was paired with Jyothi from Pages this week,  went through her is not only about food, Jyothi has dedicated major part of her blog reviewing books.when I went through the crazy collection of book reviews, I felt so guilty...I realized that I haven't read a single book after I started my blog....I have been so unfair to my first true passion.I did not waste any time ,I had a backlog of novels I wanted to hold of one book which I had got 6 years back ,very old novel...but I always wanted to read it- To Kill A Mockingbird written by Harper Lee

I would like to thank Jyothi, not only for the recipe...but also for rekindling my love towards books. I am half way through my novel and I am enjoying it with my Creamy choco biscuit trifle.

Recipe source:-Pages
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  • 300ml Fresh Cream
  • 1/4 cup Icing Sugar (adjust to taste)
  • 1/4 cup Chocolate chips or grated chocolate
  • 200g Chocolate Chip biscuits/cookies
  • glazed cherries for decoration
For Ganache
  • 100ml Fresh cream
  • 100g Chocolate ,roughly chopped
  • 1tsp Oil

  1. Coarsely crush the chocolate chip cookies/biscuits in a ziploc bag using a rolling pin..Keep aside
  2. Whip fresh cream with icing sugar till its stiff. Keep in the fridge till further use.
  3. For ganache:- roughly chop the chocolate and place in a small bowl along with oil .Heat cream in a saucepan on low flame.When the cream comes to a simmer ,pour over the chopped chocolate. Cover and let stand for few minutes.Mix till you get a smooth sauce.Keep aside to cool.
  4. Now arrange the trifles in glasses or any bowl of your choice. Layer it with the crushed cookies/biscuits,then the second layer with whipped cream(I used an icing bag),third layer- chocolate chips or grated chocolate.Repeat the layering- cookies/biscuits and then cream.The final layer - Ganache.
  5. Top with halved cherries.
  6. Keep in the fridge for a day before serving, this helps to moisten the crushed biscuits/cookies.
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  1. Cherieee!! I love books too!! And just like u I have memories of Reader's Delight, the famous private library in Mangalore (light house hill road), love the smell of books & everything u mentioned rang a bell in my head too! I have't touched my ever growing collection ever since I started a blog! Guilty as charged!! Thanks, I need to go back to them..To Kill a Mocking Bird is a great book, watch the movie also after that. If we lived in the same city we could have exchanged books too :) By the way, your choco biscuit trifle looks like a perfect party dessert!

  2. Ohh.. love your clicks.! That trifle looks soooo good.! BTW To kill mocking bird is a great book.. Am guilty of not reading enough after kids! :o)

  3. Lovely looking trifles, looks so yummy..., that book is my daughter's favourite, i love reading novels (apart from acadamic books) i am yet to read that one, i have aini library too, lovely clicks

  4. Ahh. You have evoked the fresh memories of me cuddled in a corner with old n dusty books surrounded in our nearby lending library. Trifle seems a good companion while enjoying those books.

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    Let’s Cook : Mughlai Cuisine

  5. Looks YUMMY! And I'm a crazy book-lover too! Simply love the smell of books! I often bunk my lectures inc college to go spend some time with the books in Book-Street in Mumbai. :D A street full of second hand third hand books! Its the best time I ever have! :D
    Do check the Leibster Award I've passed on.. :)
    Kavi | Edible Entertainment
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  6. Wow! Cherie I am craving for this dessert looking at those lovely pics. Would love to dig into those layers.

  7. wow yummy truffle,they set perfect...

  8. Drooling, drooling and drooling!!! Cant take my eyes off the pics!!!

  9. Seriously am craving for trifles, i dont bother to grab and have rite now,yummy dessert..

  10. Thanks dear for trying out this recipe! It is very close to my heart! And thanks a ton for those beautiful words. I am glad I brought to back to reading books.. The book you mentioned has been on my to read list for long.. I thing I am going to pick it up really soon! Cheers

  11. WOW...Thats a delectable & mouthwatering trifle!!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  12. ooh truly decadent looking and yes even my first love was always reading novels & fiction- which seems to have bitten the dust. Harper Lee's book is my favourite !

  13. Drool worthy trifle, pics are awesome as usual. There was a period where i was loving every minute of reading novels, nowadays not much into it. Got to get back to it.

  14. Hi there..I am first time here...I am also a book lover and my love for food started right from Enid Blyton days...This biscuit pudding looks awesome....will try them ASAP. Do visit my space if time permits...happy to follow u.

  15. ummm scrumptious charishma.....any chances of sending me a couple..;)

  16. I also used to be a big book lover before marriage and kids. Now I hardly get the time to read. Even if I go to the library I find myself reaching for either cookbooks or parenting books. Your trifle looks perfect.

  17. Delicious n lovely one ,simple drooling!!
    You can link this to my event -Ongoing Event- Christmas Delicacy(15Nov-31Dec 2011)

  18. bookmarked this superb recipe with an amazing presentation...really tempting!!

  19. Lovely pic and it so tempting as well

  20. wow what a gorgeous Trifle....I will surely try this my son would love this:)

  21. I am in your league. I treasure books and have loads and loads of them all stacked away safely and I still hesitate to lend them out to people . I can't stop myself from buying a few every month!!As for this trifle, it is so gorgeous and the clicks are fantastic :)


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