Monday, April 11, 2011

heavenly chocolate mousse

I had this....died...... went to heaven and came back coz I knew there was more waiting for me...............This is the ultimate chocolate mousse,once you taste this then you will never try to make mousse any other way.

This is Nigella Lawsons Recipe, any one who has watched Nigellas Show knows that she gets up in middle of the night pays a visit to her fridge and we think "come on who does that" but believe me if you make this mousse then you will pay a visit to your fridge in middle of the night. I know I did:)

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  • 150 grams      Mini Marshmallows
  • 250 grams      semi sweet chocolate chips
  • 50grms           butter (unsalted and soften in room temperature)
  • 60ml               hot water
  • 250ml             cream
  • 1tsp                vanilla


* Pour cream and vanilla into a bowl and keep in the fridge until further use.

* In a thick bottom sauce pan add marshmallows(if you have regular size marshmallows cut it into bits,coz marshmallow might take time to melt),semi sweet chocolate chips(Nigella uses dark chocolate,but i would strongly suggest you use semi sweet), soften butter and hot water.

* On low flame melt the marshmallows and chocolate, keep stirring until you get a smooth mixture, marshmallows will be the last to melt. keep this  aside.

* Bring out the cream and beat it till fluffy with electric beater or hand whisk(this will take a long time).

* Pour the cooling chocolate mixture into the whipped cream and mix till well combined.

* pour this mixture into a serving bowl or individual dessert bowl and let it set in the fridge for 1 hr.

* This beauty is ready to be served.

points to be noted
* Cut marshmallows to small bits, I have read comments from people who have tried this dish, that the marshmallow took very long time to melt( mine did not),but its better to be safe
* Use semi sweet chocolate chips or mix both semi sweet and dark chocolate. My friend who tried this with dark chocolate told me that her mousse turned out bitter.
*when Nigella combined the chocolate and cream ,the batter looked very thick, but mine was flowing consistency, maybe  because my chocolate mixture was hot when I poured it into the whipped cream, I thought I jinxed the whole dish, but don't worry if this happens the mousse will set just fine. I did not let the chocolate mixture cool completely coz i was scared it will harden and form a lump when I combine it with the whipped cream...So anyone who is trying this go ahead and pour the hot chocolate mixture into the whipped cream,coz either way you are going to have amazing chocolate mousse :)


  1. nice chinnu...
    think i can try this one out.. :)..this weekend may be..

  2. hey joju do try it,its amazing.let me know

  3. truly heavenly .... friends, i tel u this is a must-try for sure.........

  4. Hey Charishma, I love your blog and check it constantly. This one iam gonna try it soon. Its so nice to connect with you after school, thanks to FB. Keep more recipes coming.

  5. hey..y are marshmallows required? whats their role basically?

  6. hi anonymous
    yes the marshmallows are necessary...the gelatine in the marshmallow helps the mousse to set...hope that was helpful
    thank you for visiting


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