Sunday, April 3, 2011


That was some match, I was a little superstitious, I wanted to do exactly what I did on the day of India Pak match. I wore blue, went to the Navaratna house, sat on the same spot where I sat on the day of the semi finals, but with little hope.When it came to a point where I thought we were not going to win,I just changed spots.But in the last 10 overs I just went crazy,ran back to the same spot, made everyone sit exactly where they were sitting on the day of the India Pak match, I even went to extent of telling my husband to leave coz he was not there with us when we were watching the semi finals and then what happens  'THE WORLD CUP' yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
                       My husband was the good luck charm :)

Congratulations everyone, what a victory.

And not to forget the food. Amazing chicken biryani by Ratna Aunty

I shall put up the recipe of this biryani after I have tried it out myself.

Until then celebrate :)


  1. Kindly post recipe of this biryani .....looks yummmy ....:) I am checking ur blog everyday for this recipe ;)....I am a mangalorean too ...Waiting eagerly for the biryani recipe !!

  2. hi ananymous this biryani was made by my aunt,i have the recipe with me,but i want to try it out myself first.just leave ur e mail address or follow my blog,then the minute i post the recipe i will let you know:)

  3. Hi Charisma,

    Pleeeeeease post this recipe ......I am waiting for it since loppng ...the biryani looks yummyyyyyyy.....I chk ur blog everyday for this recipe..:)....Pls share this recipe...Would be very grateful to u ...:)

  4. hi anonymous
    ok i have the recipe with me, but i have never tried it out. will put it up for you.can i know your name please :)

  5. Hi Charisma,

    Thanks !!! :) Waiting for this recipe since the last time you posted it ...n chk your blog everyday ...:) ..Love to see our mangalorean recipes posted at your blog ....just too good ...:) n well, Thanks once again ...:)

  6. Hi Charishma ,

    Forgot to mention previously, my name is Sunita ...:)


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