Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chicken and mushroom lasagna

Before I got married,I used to go to a cooking class near my house held by Manju Mathew, if I know anything about cooking apart from mangalorean food then its because of Manju Mathew.I have attended almost every class she took be it baking, desserts,italian, mexican, north indian, kerala dishes, steaks, Chinese, ice cream you name it.  so if you are in Bangalore and you want to learn to cook then this is the lady you want to meet , check out her website www.manjuscookingclass.com.
One of the recipes that I often make is Lasagna ,and this I learnt from Manju Mathew.

This Lasagna is dedicated to Amit Shetty who loves good food.

Photography by Archana Shetty :)

Pasta(lasagna sheets)        100grms
Cheese                             150grms (grated)
chicken                             200g (boiled and shredded)
Mushroon                         1cup (chopped and fried in 2tsp of oil)
olive oil                             1tbsp
garlic                                 6 finely chopped
chilli pwd or flakes             1tsp
onion                                1 finely chopped
tomato puree                     8tbsp
sugar                                 2tsp
salt/pepper                         to taste
basil                                  1tsp
oregano                             1tsp

* Boil water add salt and put in the pasta sheets,put 2tsp of oil so that the sheets won't stick. When the sheets are cooked, drain the water and keep it aside ( add little cold water to the sheets and drain, separate the sheets or they tend to stick together).

* Heat oil in a pan add garlic and saute add the onion. Saute for few seconds then add the chill powder, basil and oregano. Fry for 30 seconds and then add the tomato puree, salt, pepper and sugar. cook well and add the chicken and mushroom, cook for few seconds. If the consistency is too thick you can add few tablespoons of water.

White sauce
(the original recipe asks for half the recipe I am using, since I like more of white sauce I have doubled the quantity)
Milk         2 cups
butter        2 tbsp
flour         4tbsp(maida)

* Melt butter in a pan add maida and fry for a minute, make sure you fry it properly on medium low heat, if the maida is not cooked properly then the white sauce will have a weird paper taste.Add milk gradually and keep stirring or lumps will form(if you are making it for the first time then remove the pan away from the flame and add the milk, mix properly then put back on the flame again)
cook well till you get smooth thick custard like consistency.Add pepper and salt.

To assemble the lasagne
*Apply butter on an oven proof dish. Spread a layer of white sauce, then arrange the pasta sheets. spread the chicken mixture, then the layer of grated cheese. Repeat the layer. The final layer should be white sauce and cheese.
bake for 10 mins at 180 degree C in a pre heated oven or micro wave it till the cheese melts.

serve with garlic bread                                                                                                                                                  
<step1: white sauce

step 2: pasta sheets>  

 <step3: chicken mixture

step 4:grated cheese>

                 final layer white sauce and cheese


  1. Remember the time we made lasagne?..oh my god..that day ill never forget!..oh and yes yes manju matthews is a great teacher and she is so cute too.

  2. ya i remember it was at ur place, it was sooooo good.your mom makes amazing white sauce.
    and yes manju mathew is very cute .neetu have made the things that she taught you.

  3. Yeah i made all the mexican dishes..and then i did brownies..oh and also she had given donut ka recipe..but its so complicated and you need like a day to prepare it and stuff so i'd rather buy it.


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