Wednesday, April 6, 2011


quesadillas is a mexican savory dish, its different kinds of fillings topped with cheese sandwiched between two flour or corn tortillas . In this recipe I am using store bought flour tortillas. You can make your own tortillas(if you want the recipe just let me know) or you can also use leftover wheat chappatis.

Flour tortilla           8
capsicum               1(chopped)
mushroon               2cups (chopped)
tomato                   1medium(chopped)
spring onion           5tbsp(chopped)
green chilly            4(chopped)
coriander leaves      1tbsp(copped)
cumin powder        1/2 tsp
chilli flakes              1tsp
salt to taste
garlic powder         1tsp
cheddar cheese      11/2 cups grated
oil                         2 tsp


* In a pan heat oil and add all the above ingredients except for the tortillas and cheese, cook for few minutes till the water has evaporated and you are left with a dry mixture.keep this aside.

* On medium heat oil a non stick pan place one tortilla on the oil and flip it, cook till golden brown, flip over and place 2 tbsp of the mushroom mixture  and spread evenly, spread cheese on top of this mixture and place one more tortilla on top of the cheese. apply oil on the tortilla, and press down on the tortillas with the spatula and flip it over.

*Fry till the tortillas are golden brown on both sides and a little crispy and the cheese has melted .

* Place it on a plate and cut it into quarters. Serve with salsa or sour cream.


  1. akka .... shailesh anna must be putting on weight with such grt food everyday hehe... how come u never made all this in india ...!!!very bad...

  2. hi kooky, I guess iam just lazy in India, I know mom will do all the are you,did you see the loch ness monster.

  3. hahahaha..loch ness monster!!!

  4. i went to lochness .... didnt see any monster though

  5. hey cherie...
    i have been following your blog since a while n ur are suberb....
    tell me one thing fron where u got readymade flour tortilla in b'lore... i couldnt found themmm


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