Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Seven Links Challenge

Laxmi from Samayal Diary sent me this challenge

The  Post Beautiful Post

Link: Spinach and Mushroom Quiche

I just love the simplicity of the picture, its just about the Quiche and nothing else. Loved the way the top of the quiche has browned . Enjoyed every minute of making the quiche.

The  Most Popular Post

Link : bangude ghassi (mackerel fish curry)

This post got the highest number of hits followed by Chicken ghee roast. This is my mom's signature dish and I have mentioned in this post that.....' 50 % of the the mackerel fish caught at sea... comes to our house' ... believe me I wasn't exaggerating, I had mackerel today and I know I will have it next week and the week after mom has succeeded into brainwashing my daughter to love mackerel fish curry too.

The Most Controversial

I don't think I have any controversial post ......and hope I don't have any in future...

The Most Helpful Post

Link: Neer Dosa with Video

This post I think is the most useful coz I have put up video of how to make neer dosa.

The Post That was surprisingly successful
Link:  Marvai aajadina (clams sukka)

This was very surprising coz  I had just started my blog...was in Bahrain...poor photography... handful of followers and then ........when I put up this post I had 400 hits in less than 5 hours. I WAS SHOCKED.But I think this dish gave me that keep me going.

The Post that did not get the attention it deserved

Link:  Avarakkai chops

Just 27 hits , my favorite vegetarian dish and JUST 27 I have to say more...This proves that non vegetarians visit my blog more than vegetarians.

The Post I am proud of 

Iam proud of all my dishes (lol.... such a cheesy line), but since I have to choose....I will choose 2. Ghee roast is one of my favorite chicken dishes,I never thought I could ever get that restaurant taste...was very happy when I could recreate the same dish at home and I am proud that I made the dish from scratch.

And my Dad's birthday cake for obvious reason.......

Link: Chicken Ghee Roast

Link:Dad's Birthday Cake

Forwarding the Challenge to
1. Shireen Sequira  Ruchik Randhap
2. Anamika Arun Taste Junction
3. Prathima Rao prats corner
4. Mallika      veg bowl
5.Prema  Prema's Thaligai

The rules

  1. Blogger is nominated to take part.
  2. Blogger publishes his/her blog
  3. Blogger nominates upto 5 bloggers to take part
The categories
  1. Most beautiful post
  2. Most popular
  3. Most helpful
  4. Most controversial Post
  5. A post whose success surprised you
  6. Post you feel did not get  attention it deserved
  7. Most proud of.


  1. Thanks a ton Charishma for tagging me in this game, will definitely take part. I enjoy all ur recipes and ur blog is one of the few I never fail to check daily :) Good going! I somehow missed ur marvai aajadina post..Also, just noticed that u have mentioned only 6 categorie at the bottom of ur post...I think u missed out the 7th one 'most controversial'

  2. Charishma, I also think all your videos should come in the Most Helpful post :) U have no idea how helpful the Kottige pouch preparation video was to me!


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